Truffle hunters for a day

Immersing yourself in the green hills of Monferrato becomes a sensorial adventure with “Tartufaio per un giorno”, an experience that allows you to explore nature in the company of an expert truffle hunter and his trusty dog Tabui. As you enter the woods in search of the precious truffle, you will be able to experience tactile, visual and olfactory sensory analysis, learning to distinguish the different types of truffles.

An activity that adults and children alike enjoy. The best truffles in the world are found right between Monferrato and the Langhe.

Monferrato, known for its vineyards and hazelnut groves that produce the renowned “Tonda Gentile”, offers a landscape rich in history and biodiversity, recognized as a UNESCO heritage site. And after a day of exploration, nothing is more rewarding than tasting glasses of organic wine, the fruit of Vignale Monferrato’s winemaking tradition, in a historic cellar that contains stories and flavors of generations. This experience combines the passion for nature, food and wine culture and love for local traditions, offering an unforgettable memory of the Piedmontese territory.