Monferrato: itineraries of taste and culture

Vignale stands on one of the rolling hills that dominate the landscape of Lower Monferrato, an area renowned for its famous Barbera and Grignolino vines.
A charming village rich in history, linked to the charm of the canton stone that characterizes its infernot, which became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014.
An infernot is an appendix to the cellar, an underground room that maintains a constant temperature throughout the year and was used for the conservation of food, bottled wine, but also as a living room where men met to converse, eat and drink wine. Having fallen into disuse, the infernot were forgotten and, although present in almost all homes in the area, they are today rediscovered as places of visit, custodians of a tradition and lifestyle typical of this area.
Not far from Belcasale, not only wine producers but also one of the most famous and ancient Italian grappa distilleries. Monferrato is full of enchanting corners, often little known and undiscovered.

For those who want a holiday dedicated to well-being, relaxation and taste, Monferrato is the ideal place.

Monferrato, with its rolling vineyards and fairy-tale castles, is a jewel of Italy that enchants in every season. Imagine walking among the vineyards in spring, when the colors bloom, or savoring the rich and fragrant dishes of the local cuisine in autumn, the season of truffles and grape harvests. Every sip of Monferrato wine is a journey through the history and culture of this land, an experience that remains imprinted in the heart. And the castles? They are silent guardians of ancient legends, ready to reveal their secrets during numerous festivals and celebrations. Come and discover Monferrato, where every moment is a precious memory waiting to be experienced.