Discovering the Infernot

The Monferrato degli Infernot, with its fascinating network of cellars dug into the stone, is a true treasure hidden in the depths of the Piedmont land. These underground chambers, created with dedication and craftsmanship, are an extraordinary example of how humans can adapt and use natural resources to improve the quality of life. The Pietra da Cantoni, the material from which the Infernot are sculpted, testifies to the geological history of this region, reminding us that Monferrato was once under the sea. The constant temperature and humidity of the Infernot offer ideal conditions for the maturation and conservation of wine, a practice that is intimately linked to the culture and winemaking tradition of the area. Each Infernot, with its unique characteristics, is an underground cathedral dedicated to wine, where time seems to stop and flavors intensify. The different types of Infernot, from single-chamber to multi-chamber, reflect the diversity and richness of this land and its people.
The beauty of the Infernot is not only functional but also aesthetic, with finishes that vary from smooth to rustic, and decorations that often include sculptural elements.

These are not only places of conservation but also of meeting, where the community comes together to celebrate life and sharing.

The stone table, present in some Infernot, is a symbol of hospitality and conviviality, fundamental elements of Piedmontese identity. The UNESCO designation of the Viticultural Landscapes of Piedmont as a World Heritage Site recognizes not only the natural and cultural beauty of these places, but also the importance of preserving and transmitting these traditions to future generations. The Infernot are a heritage to be preserved, studied and admired, representing an indissoluble link between past, present and future, between the land and those who cultivate it, between nature and human art.