The Low Montferrat: food and culture itineraries

Vignale is located on one of the gentle hills dotted around the Montferrat landscape: an area famous for its Barbera and Grignolino vineyards.
A suggestive village, full of history, intrinsically linked to the “Pietra da Cantone”: a volcanic rock used to build “Infernots”.
An Infernot is a cellar attachment, a subterranean room with constant temperatures throughout the year, mainly used to preserve food and bottled wine, but also as living quarters, where men would usually meet to eat and drink together.
Fallen into disuse and forgotten, visiting Infernots today is the best way to re-discover traditions and old lifestyles which would have been otherwise lost in the history of this region. They have been part of the Unesco World Heritage since 2014.
Just a short distance from Belcasale you can find several vineyards and one of the oldest and most famous Italian grappa distilleries. Montferrat is a great source of hidden gems and wonderful sceneries waiting to be discovered.

Here are a few reasons to visit Monferrato

The landscape and the vineyards: scattered on the hills are gorgeous, flooded with neverending shades of colours. Do not miss the opportunity of witnessing our breathtaking sunrises and sunsets!

Activities for every season: Spring and Summer are the best times for trekking, Nordic walking, horse riding tours, cycling and golf. In Autumn and Winter enjoy the truffle and mushroom seasons or join grape harvests and wine tasting in the local farms.

Try the typical Monferrato cuisine, rich in tradition, culture and high quality products like Cooked Salame, Agnolotti, Fassona meat and much more…

Get to know the Monferrato wines , such as Barbera, Grignolino, Freisa, Ruchè, Malvasia, Brachetto…

Discover the Monferrato castles: , charming and romantic, authentic and often the perfect location for festivals and events.

If you are looking for a relaxing, fascinating, mouth-watering holiday, look no further. Monferrato is your place.

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