Alessandro and I used to work in a company in Milan, living our lives for work with a little free time. Everything changed with the birth of our first son Tommaso; and our priorities changed from commuting to and from work to our family. We flipped through a magazine during a summer vacation and we start dreaming and thinking how we could change our lives.

Monferrato could be the place of our dreams where our son could grow up safety: the countryside surrounded by villages and a better quality of life.

Finally one day we arrived in a small village, called Località Belvedere, that two years later became our home. The building we found was a ruin, surrounded by a garden that seemed like a forest, but the beautiful view completely seduced us to such an extent that made us decide to make this dream come true..

A career change, a second baby and lots of months dedicated to plans and hard work on the B&B, led us to where we are today..

We’re ready to open the doors of our Belcasale to everyone who wants to discover this spectacular wonderful corner of the world, called Monferrato. .


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